the grizzly experience

Within days of arriving in town I am standing outside the cage of Tonka, a captive Grizzly who lives on grain and marshmallows. The first time I see him, Tonka and his owner are inside the cage together… it is an intimate moment. This is the American West as I had not imagined it.

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3 Responses to the grizzly experience

  1. Clara Apollo says:

    By the end of that film I am a Tonka fan too…feel for him so, far away from his natural existence; the Bear in TCM represents the Water element, caged, he can no longer flow but paces from side to side as if trying to balance something within…probably the sugar rush from the mountain of marshmallows! Nice one Roz, good narration vox, looking forward to more on the shamanic coyote and friends :o )

  2. Dibble says:

    I admired the simple statement of pure observation in this piece..It speaks for itself. . I felt a bleak sadness..echoed by the sparse snowflakes falling on the bear and his captors/audience..
    I also checked the link to the Beuys link which put it in context of a bigger commentary ..Superb.

  3. Shocking image of binned horse, says it all of how disconnected we are from the natural world.

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